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It may not look like much yet, but behind this screen, we are working hard on developing an in-depth, interactive course for writers and other storytellers who take their craft seriously.
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“There are hundreds of courses on writing on the internet.
Why make another one?”

All writing courses explain the basics of storytelling. All of them give a set of Do’s and Don’t’s, too. But few other courses go into how all the aspects of storytelling tie into each other.

If you change one gear in your story’s mechanics, it’s going to affect the whole machine! 

This course explains:

  • how all aspects of storytelling interconnect,
  • why that is, and
  • what you can do to make those gears work for you (instead of against you).

You will disect well-known stories in various media: books, movies, plays, comics, and games. And you will be taken behind the scenes of published works to find out what it took to fit those gears together.

We won’t just show you how it works, we will let you feel it. Test it. Try it out on well-known stories as well as your own writing. All lessons encourage you to actively engage the content. Whether you go it alone or join a class, expect to receive assignments and exercises to complete. These are designed as practical implementation tools, so you will get the most out of the insights and methods we discuss.

“Who is it for?”

Storytelling is universal. This course caters to:

  • novel writers,
  • screenwriters,
  • playwrites,
  • oral storytellers,

We cater to (aspiring) professionals and amateurs serious about improving their fun. Anyone who has experience* crafting stories and wants to step up their game is more than welcome!

*) ‘experience’ is hard to define. There is no hard requirement, but the lessons will assume you’re comfortable with storytelling basics.

“What subjects will the course cover?”

The usual suspects, but with a twist. This is what we will be working on first:

  • Character Development (launching in 2018)
  • Setting (launching in 2018)
  • Conflict Management
  • Plot Design
  • Story Structure
  • Worldbuilding 

As said, we are still creating the course material. When you sign up, you see early versions, try them out for free or at a steep discount, and tell us what else you want these lessons to cover. If this sounds good to you, sign up now!

“Who is running this show?”

Story Mechanics is developed and run by two friends who share an avid love for storytelling:

Iris Groenen, personal development coach specialised in constructive organisation;
Chris Chelser, experienced author who has studied storytelling hands-on for over 25 years.

We both believe that good storytelling is a craft. Anyone can learn skills, but those who dedicate themselves to ever improving their craft are the ones who make the most excellent artists.

See You Soon!